Oct 4

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Aug 20

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Aug 17



A big drawing of the city of Lisbon, Portugal, which I did for Light Gray Art Lab’s “In Place” exhibition. Lisbon, from my research, appears to be populated by cuties and wizards and Ghibli cars.

You can check out all the work for the show here, and you can buy prints of this guy in their shop.

I quit art forever

Jul 19

石和温泉郷クラシックフェスティバル限定トミカ Isawa onsen classic Fes. (by 1968hw2008)

Jul 13

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Feb 25

Original version appears on their 1985 album “Blue”


Jan 29

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Jan 25


Though not explicitely mentioned in the titles the Citroen DS plays a major part in Jean Pierre Melville’s Samourai. Same applies for the Paris metro, the november weather or the canary bird, but let’s not repeat what others have already stated several times. Do we like the movie because of the car ? Or do we like the car because of the movie ?

There’s the anwer: Citroen DS Moviestar 

Jan 6


Ross Proulx